Davies, Phill & Patricia

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Phill & Patricia Davies
Phill & Patricia Davies.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Canada


LOS Upline: Britt, Bill & Peggy

Each FED has been special, but Raleigh was the highlight. Standing at the side of the stage anticipating climbing the eight steps; having our group standing in front of the stage waving Canadian flags; and having our upline, Danny & Renate Snipes, Larry and Pam Winters, Paul and Debbie Miller, and Bill and Peggy Britt, raising our hands to “Rocky,” was better than we had dreamed. And a few minutes later, it was reality. You've got to experience it!

by: Danny & Renate Snipes, Executive Diamond Council Phill and Patricia have been a pleasure to work with. Everything they do is first class! They have always been great builders of our team's unity, and because of that example, their own team is now tremendously unified. They understand the three powers that Bill Britt teaches: the power of unity, the power of submission, and the power of the spoken word. They've done all three wonderfully, and now they have a wonderful organization and a wonderful life ahead of them as Britt Diamonds. Phill and Patricia are truly “Diamonds Breaking Diamonds” in Toronto, Canada!