Coles, Garry & Kimberley

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Kimberley Coles
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Canada


LOS Upline: Proctor, Jack & Lise


When Kim, a former university instructor, and Garry Coles, a former police officer, first started their Quixtar business, they simply wanted more income so they could have more options in their life.

They have since discovered that building a Quixtar business has changed more than just their finances. Kim believes that the business has built up their confidence and empowered them to reach their potential.

The Coles have focused on two keys to achieve their business goals – using and retailing product and registering new Independent Business Owners. When approaching prospective IBOs, the Coles have never shied away from sharing that a successful business requires real work.

Garry and Kim continue to set new goals for their business and are excited about their daughter building her own Quixtar business. They look forward to third, fourth, fifth, and sixth generations of their family building the business into the future.