Christopher, Ken & Mary Elizabeth

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Ken & Mary Elizabeth Christopher
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline:

"We determined that no one would have control over our destiny again."

When you’re young and ambitious, and a guidance counselor suggest you not try to enter a university, what do you do? You get another counselor! Ken Christopher was four year out of high school and unhappy with his job when an academic advisor told him to remain a draftsman. But a YMCA executive he respected gave him different advice: make the run for higher education. It was a turning point. Ken became an officer in the Canadian Army, earned a master’s degree, taught in two universities and spent nine years a vice president of a development company. Today he and Mary Elizabeth, who was a teacher for 20 years, have two sons, Robert and Douglas, and head up a large international business. They recently took their whole family, including grandchildren, to Maui. "We’re building a large business globally while we are primarily focused on Canada and the United States, says Ken. "Thanks to the business and the support we found, we can do that.