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Stan & Babs Chambers
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline:

When the Camps were shown a marketing plan by Babs' brother, Ron Camp had justbeen named Coach of the Year in Georgia. He loved what he was doing, but he knewthat as a teacher and a coach, he was struggling to support his wife and twoyoung daughters.

Ron wasn't very excited at first, but having grown up in government housing projectswith no father around to support the family, and no mother for supervision, hewas willing to do whatever it took for Babs to be at home to raise their daughters.Ron was comfortable talking to people who were wearing football helmets, buttalking to anyone else was quite a challenge. Early on, he had to do a lot ofovercoming, but he knew if others could build this business, then he could also!

On October 4, 1993, Ron suffered a fatal heart attack while jogging with hisdaughter, Lisa. He was in top physical shape and exercise was part of his dailyroutine. His sudden death at age 52 came as a shock to all who knew him. Babswas forced to draw on all the divine and inner strength she could find. God didnot let her down, nor did her friends or business "family," who camefrom all over the country to mourn Ron�'s death and to support and encourage Babs.A remarkable husband and father, and an inspirational leader in their business,Ron will be greatly missed, but remembered with much love and devotion by hisfamily and a host of friends.

Years before, while Babs was in college, she was so afraid of speaking in publicthat she chose the only major and minor that did not require a public speakingclass. While she and Ron were building their business, Ron did most of the speaking.Babs says that speaking on stage alone has been a tremendous challenge, but whenBill Britt told her that she had a great message to share with people, of howRon had provided for her, the challenge became more rewarding and less difficult.

The Camp organization has continued to grow and prosper under Babs�' strong leadership.Babs says, "Ron's dreams will live on through his family, his grandchildren,and through the wonderful, effective leaders he left."

Another new chapter in Babs' life began on January 17, 2004, when she marriedStan Chambers. Friends in the business, Ray and Carroll Youngblood, had introducedher to Stan. After 10 years of running her business alone, Babs once again hasa partner who loves this business as much as she does!