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Luis & Lulú Chávez
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States / Mexico

Vision Global

LOS Upline: Smith, Lance & Tracey
Notes:Diamond in Mexico (2002) & Diamond in United States (2004)

Circles of life

Luis Chávez came to the United States from Mexico looking for a better life. Little did he know it would involve drawing circles.

“I was working in construction when I first saw the Quixtar IBO Compensation Plan,” Luis says. “Because I didn’t speak English at the time, I wasn’t really clear about how the business worked. But I thought if I attended the meetings regularly, I’d have a prime opportunity to learn English!”

It wasn’t until some time later when he was in Mexico and heard the Plan presented in Spanish that he saw the unlimited potential of a Quixtar business. “The IBO began drawing those circles and it suddenly hit me: ‘This is going to change my life!’”

Believing that with all his heart and wanting to share the opportunity with his loved ones, Luis split his time between his hometown of Tijuana and San Diego, where he worked.

Most days, Luis survived on two to three hours of sleep due to the commute. “It was all worth it,” he says now of the things he perceived as hardships in the beginning.

Lulú, who hails from Tijuana, too, also desired a better life – one that didn’t involve a boss or a job. “Ever since I was a little girl, I believed I could accomplish great things,” she says. “When I learned about this business, I knew I’d found the answer.”

Despite her conviction, some people weren’t willing to listen to a 19-year-old secretary who drove a rattletrap car. “I didn’t project a lot of credibility at that point,” Lulú admits. But she didn’t let that deter her.

Determination is key

Lulú believes that success can be summed up in a single word: determination. “You work for what you want until you get it,” she states matter-of-factly.

Luis grins, adding, “When I first met Lulú (downline in his Mexico business), I began working that leg very hard!”

And his effort definitely paid off. Not only did Lulú say yes to his marriage proposal – “It was love at first sight,” she says – she also helped him achieve such success in his business that he was finally able to quit his construction job.

Having seen what they’ve been able to accomplish together, reaching Diamond both here and in Mexico, the Chávezes are setting their sights even higher. “We truly believe that, with a Quixtar business, you can achieve anything you dream,” Luis says.

For Lulú, some of life’s biggest pleasures are the simple things, like a day spent at home with Luis and their sons, Luis Jr., 2, and new baby, David. “We travel so much, it’s great to be able to come here to rest, regroup, and plan for the future.”

The couple says that future includes having more children, helping their families, and keeping up with the friends they’ve made throughout the world thanks to their business.

“Not only have we found a way to earn a great living, but now we’ve also got the time to enjoy it,” Luis says. Better yet, many of the people who once turned them down are joining their group these days.

“I’m simply amazed when I consider that my world used to stretch between Tijuana and San Diego, and now my world is the world.”

Luis y Lulu tienen 5 Diamantes en su downline

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