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Britt, Bobby & Jean
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Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Britt, Bill & Peggy

Bobby Britt is the younger brother of Britt World Wide founder Bill Britt.

When guests drop by Bobby and Jean Britt's comfortable, traditional home in Raleigh, North Carolina, Bobby likes to entertain them with their favorite music. A former keyboard player who has performed with such big-name recording artists as B.B. King and Aretha Franklin, Bobby put music aside to focus on building his business.

Now that he has achieved some personal and financial success, Bobby has the time to write lyrics, record music, and listen to his favorite performers. "During high school and college, I toured the Southeast with the South's first integrated soul band, Two Shades of Soul," says Bobby. "In 1967 we had two hits on the top 50 Song Chart. I dropped out of college during my sophomore year after an automobile accident caused me to miss my exams, and enlisted in the Marines. I volunteered for Vietnam, but was stationed in Japan as a crypto-analyst in military intelligence." After active duty in the Marines, Bobby decided to get back to his music.

"I returned to my home in Florida and went to work as a private investigator during the day and a musician at night." It was at that time, Bobby's brother, Bill Britt, showed him the plan for a marketing business. "I got started, but the timing wasn't right," Bobby explains. "I was convinced I could make it big with my music. A few years later I decided to get back to my marketing business."

A couple of years ago, Bobby met and married his wife, Jean, who has made a positive impact on his life and his business. With his new wife, his daughter, Jamie, and a thriving business, Bobby is a happy man these days.

"My life is much richer and fuller, and because of this business, I'm not only debt-free, but I've also developed lasting friendships and have experienced the satisfaction that comes with helping other people develop their potential," says Bobby.

Today, Bobby and Jean have businesses in Japan, Korea, Canada, Argentina, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, and Mexico. Their ultimate goal is to have businesses in every country where this opportunity is available