Bini, Massimo & Elisabetta

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Massimo & Elisabetta Bini
Pin: Executive Diamond (2012)
Markets: Italy

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Matz, Peter & Barbara

Massimo was a chemist and for six years held a management position in two multinational companies. He also had a second job as gymnastic teacher during the evening.

Elisabetta worked as a shop assistant in several clothes stores for five years. After working as an employee she decided to realize one of her dreams: to open her own clothes shop. Very soon, however, that same dream became a nightmare. She soon found that she had no free time and the money she was making wasn't as much as she thought it would be.

After one year working in this business, they were making more money working part time than Massimo was making full time with his other two jobs. At that point Massimo quit both of his traditional jobs to work full time in this business.

A year later they reached Emerald, expanding their business to thousands of families all over Italy and to other countries. Elisabetta was then able to leave her store and work full time the business with Massimo.

Today they are First Diamond Network 21 in Italy and enjoy a fantastic lifestyle.

"The best investment of our life has been the Amway business. We have the financial independence and the time for ourselves and our daughter, but the most important reward is to have achieved this success helping other families to improve their lifestyle. We strongly believe that each person with clear objectives, deep commitment and perseverance could reach this level. We wish everybody success!"


Founders Diamond August 2006

Executive Diamond 2012