Benny Soendoro & Christina Angkasa

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Benny Soendoro & Christina Angkasa
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: Indonesia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Angkasa, Robert & Ranti

Before join the business, Benny Soendoro worked for two multinational companies, and his last position was a Senior Manager in Multi National Financial Institution. He was graduated as Master Business Administration. He was introduced by his own brother in law, Robert Angkasa, now he’s a Crown.

For him and his wife, Christina Angkasa who worked for Pharmaceutical Company as an accountant the Amway offered accountant, them an excellent opportunity because the business suited for those who wanted to get rid off the routine job, who wanted to have the time that can be spent as much as they like with their kids, but most for all, for those who wanted some extra money that can realize their dreams to travel abroad and to get financial freedom for having a better life style..

Their turning point why they’re determined doing the business, was after having learnt the system offered by Network 21. They wanted to prove to people that the system really worked if we have commitment to be consistent and to stay focus on goals that we wanted to reach !!!