Baron, Bob & Laura

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Bob & Laura Baron
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Beaird, Wayne & Kay / Richards, Bob & Joan partnership

"We began to believe we could make a full-time income with our part-time business."

"The only place Bob commutes to now is downstairs to his office after watching Sesame Street with our daughters," said Laura Baron, shortly after she and Bob reached a successful business level. The girls are grown now, but Bob and Laura still have the same time freedom. They worked with dedication and consistency to build their company, and sixteen months after their second daughter was born they were both able to quit their jobs. They retired old business debts, built a new home and began to travel to many parts of the world, developing business in a number of those counties. Says Bob, “We’ve brushed the waterfalls of Kauai in a helicopter, penetrated the Mexican jungle on horseback and explored uninhabited islands in the Caribbean by chartered yacht. Today our business market is global, with no practical limit to expansion. This part-time effort opened the door to a world-class opportunity."