Ballestas, Juan Manuel & Shelly

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Ballestas, Juan Manuel & Shelly
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Pin: Founders Emerald
Markets: Colombia, United States


LOS Upline: Hechavarria, Juventino & Carmen

"The best decision we’ve ever made!""I think starting our business here in the States is the best decision we’ve ever made!" says Shelly Ballestas.

Prior to doing that, Juanma worked as a real estate agent. Shelly continues to work as a dentist – for the time being. "I told Shelly I would retire her from that profession once she’s a Double Diamond," he jokes.

"Shelly and I started our U.S. Amway business for our family (including Sebastian, 8, and Christian, 5)," he continues. "I’d already built an Emerald business in Colombia (prior to meeting Shelly). That business (now at the Founders Emerald level) supports my mother, who is our biggest fan and always there for us. I give all the thanks to my father (who passed away four years ago) for setting me on this path," he says.

Juanma is grateful for his father’s leadership and example in his life. "The best lesson I learned is that we’re all capable of doing whatever we set our minds to", he says. "We can transform into achievers, thanks to the business support materials and guidance from our uplines."

Shelly replies, "I’m glad we’re bringing our kids up with these values and principles. They understand true leadership, even at their young age."

But they still haven’t figured out how Amway knows they’re VIPs. "Every time we go to a corporate event where they roll out the red carpet, the boys ask, 'Mom, how do they know we’re famous?’" she relays, chuckling.

While such VIP treatment at events and business trips is fun, "To me it’s not the toys and material things that are important," says Shelly. "It’s sharing experiences together as a family and knowing we have stability for our future."

Juanma agrees, adding, "Our mission now is to be an example to our kids and to help others believe in themselves and this opportunity."



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