Attalah, Samir & Theresa

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Samir & Theresa Attalah
Pin: Diamond
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Brad & Julie Duncan

Samir & Theresa Attalah are Diamonds based in Redmond, WA. Samir is an immigrant from Egypt and did not speak English when he started in the business. Samir qualified Emerald in 1993. He then married Theresa and together they qualified Diamond in 1997.

Samir and Theresa's Amway Experience

Samir emigrated from Egypt with $40 to his name. He worked as a janitor to put himself thought Bible college. Later, he took a paper route and attained a Master's degree in computer science from Seattle University.

When Samir saw the business, he did not understand the potential. For almost two full years, Samir simply used products and attended some meetings. With the friendship and mentorship of Brad & Julie Duncan, and after making a decision to build the business seriously, Samir went Silver in seven months and Ruby in three month more.

Samir and Theresa met as IBOs when Samir was a Ruby. They got to know each other better as Samir went Emerald. Before getting into the business, Theresa had already seen the plan, but the second time she saw it, she saw that her life could be so much better. She was working on am MBA and had a corporate sales job, but she wanted much more than the corporate world could offer.

Samir and Theresa built a Diamond business together. They have three children: Michael, Angelique, and Matthew. Their children have never seen their parents work for another person. Rather, their children have seen them bless other people by helping them grow their businesses.

Disputes & Controversy

In a 1998 lawsuit it was alleged that a downline's complaints about Samir Attalah led to defamatory statements by their upline to their downline and that Attalah used his influence ot pressure downline into investing in other schemes, in violation of Amway rules.[1]. The case was reportedly settled out of court.


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