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Kent & Jackie Allen
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Paul & Leslie Miller
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Kent & Jackie Allen are Diamonds from Kentucky affiliated with BWW. They started in Amway in 1979 and qualified Diamond in 1994.

Kent Allen was a school classmate to Paul Miller. Kent met Jackie in high school. He was a pharmacist in Ayden, North Carolina when Paul sponsored them into the business. It took five years seeing Paul's success for them to ask to see the business concept again and sign up.

Perseverance, work, and a positive attitude are the key words for the success of reaching Diamond for Kent and Jackie Allen.

They began their own independent business while Kent was a pharmacist at a drugstore in the small town of Ayden, North Carolina, where they both grew up. At that time, Jackie and Kent, who had been high school sweethearts, had two precious daughters. They had dreams for their family, and a business of their own was the beginning of making those dreams come true.

Working and living in their hometown once again brought Kent and Jackie close to their parents, who had played such an important role in loving and encouraging them to work hard and care for others. The small town and rural backgrounds helped teach them good family values, humility, patience, and love for and trust in God.

A high school classmate and dear friend, Paul Miller, helped Kent and Jackie begin their business. From the beginning, they set their goals high ' Diamond! They reached that goal, not in four years, but in fourteen, when the patience, work, and perseverance they had learned paid off. Kent and Jackie are "can do" people. They never wavered from their goal.

Now, there are three daughters, Amy, Dava, and Claire, the greatest joys in Kent and Jackie's lives. Kent and Jackie have enjoyed their daughters' sports activities, which remind them of their own participation in school sports events. Jackie used to cheer as Kent played on successful athletic teams that earned state championships and boasted undefeated seasons.

Perseverance, work, and a "can do" attitude have opened many doors of pleasure, not only in what they can give their family, but what they can do for others. The friendships made along the way are invaluable. A winning attitude has afforded blessings they never dreamed could happen.