Alfaro, Estela & Eusebio

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Estela & Eusebio Alfaro
Pin: Diamond (2008)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Alfaro Matias & Marta


Diamond 2008


When Alfaro, Estela & Eusebio first saw the Quixtar business opportunity, she was baby-sitting and cleaning houses and he was managing a restaurant. They are thankful they found the business opportunity, which enabled them to leave behind jobs they didn't enjoy.

The Alfaros credit their success largely to the support they receive from their upline. They appreciate the opportunity to learn from their upline's experience, and they strive to provide the same mentorship and belief in their downline.

Alfaro, Estela & Eusebio believe that the low-risk nature of the Quixtar business and the large product selection make it an ideal business opportunity for anyone, especially those in the Hispanic community.

They believe that with a vision and commitment, there is nothing or no one that can stop them from reaching their goals.