Abraham Varghese & Delfy Abraham

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Abraham Varghese & Delfy Abraham
Abraham Varghies & Delfy.JPG
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India

Winners International, Team one

LOS Upline: Nair, Bindu & Sajeev

Termination from Amway

Now Terminated from Amway

Success Story

Abraham Varghese and Delfi, Lorry driver and Homemaker

I was born in Kalady, Kerala in a middle class family and we were farmers. I couldn’t complete higher education due to unfavourable circumstances. Prior to joining Amway I was a Lorry Driver. Delfi, my better half, was born in a middle class family in Iringalakuda and she too is from a middle class family. We are blessed with a son Snehil who is in the 12th standard.

My neighbour, an 18 year old boy, introduced me to Amway business. Initially I was very sceptical and Delfi was also not interested in doing this business. We then attended some major seminars of Amway and Teamone and then I understood the big picture and potential of this business. I started working with commitment. Delfi then had a negative attitude towards this business but after attending special training programs of our mentors Sajeev Nair and Bindu, we both got our personality and attitude transformed. Delfi had a lot of change in her attitude and was able to build a powerful mind. She realised that this is the right opportunity made for us and we started to do this business as part time. Later on gradually we started building this business with passion. In the initial stage of building Amway business, we faced a lot of criticism from our relatives and friends but we kept ourselves firmly on track due to the power of Teamone functions and upline communications. Our strong belief in ourselves and in the Almighty helped us march ahead towards our goal.

We kept our goal moving forward forgetting all the challenges that came in front of us. We are able to build business across India. We understand that the solutions to all our problems lie in doing this business. We have entered into a new world which is tension free. This pure family oriented business have given us not only financial security but also changed our personality.

We started our business in 2000 and qualified silver in the same year, Emerald in 2007 and Diamond in 2009. This achievement is through the persistent and consistent hard work, determination and above all our strong belief. Amway has brought us tremendous rewards in terms of personality developments, friendships, foreign trips and above all the satisfaction of helping others to achieve their goals and dreams. We are building this business as our life and our entire family is involved in this. My brother is a Gold Producer and my father is at 21% level. We thank Almighty for giving us this right opportunity and for giving us knowledge to understand and take up this business. We also express our sincere gratitude to our parents and Teamone leadership. We are also proud and congratulate our team for their success and consistency. Love is the key in this business. We should have a good, positive attitude to love others unconditionally. With strong desire, determination, dedication and discipline anybody can succeed in this business.