A.Chandrasekharan & C. Krishnaveni

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A.Chandrasekharan & C. Krishnaveni
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Desai, Kulin & Mina
Website: www.brittindia.com

A.Chandrasekharan & C. Krishnaveni (Traditional Business)

I come from a business background. I was totally fed up with our traditional business because to expand our business, I had to compromise on my time with my family. Besides, I was having health complains too.

After seeing the Amway business plan, I immediately decided to join it as I was desperately looking for time to spend with my family and also have security at the same time. After plugging to the BWW system, I my life was never the same. Only BWW teaches you about family values that are helpful to develop strong home team and help others to do so as well. We plan to dedicate our life to help people become free with the help of the BWW system and the Amway business.