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The 6-4-2 Plan is a model used to show prospects an approved model seen as reasonable by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States. It is designed to show one way that a new business owner can reach Platinum level; it is also known as the 12-18 month plan or short term plan. With current bonus structures, it is meant to show how one can develop a business that yields an income of $50-60,000 a year.

The 6-4-2 Plan has a total of four steps.

Step one features the new IBO buying products from his own business for self-consumption, netting 100 PV a month and being paid $7.50.

Step two has the prospect bringing six new active IBOs in through personal sponsorship, each doing 100 PV a month and earning about $112 on differentials and direct bonus pay.

Step three shows each of the six personally sponsored IBOs sponsoring four others, bringing the total group to 31 members and generating $945 of income per month for the prospect.

Step four shows each of the four sponsored by each of the six each sponsoring two more active IBOs for a total of 79 IBOs and bringing the prospect about $2,600 a month.

This plan has been used for decades, with different dollar amounts, as the approved way of showing the compensation plan. Recordings exist today on the Quixtar website of Rich DeVos presenting this same plan.