Founders Achievement Awards (FAA)

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Founders Achievement Awards

The Founders Achievement Awards (FAA) were developed to recognize and reward the worldwide business contributions of top IBOs. Since 1991, these annual discretionary cash awards have been presented to IBOs who demonstrate extraordinary business development and exhibit high ethical and business standards.

During FY 97 the corporation introduced the FDSA; Founders Distinguished Service Award for Diamond IBO's who earn 40+ FAA points.

FAA points Table
Level US Award (USD) Canadian Dollars (C$) New Taiwan Dollars NT$) Mexican Peso (MXN) South African Rand (ZAR) Russian Ruble (RUB) Malaysia Ringgits (RM) Vietnamese dong (VND) Singapore Dollars (S$) Brunei Dollars (B$)
8 FAA $28,000 C$30,000 NT$6,000,000 $204,000 R180,000 RUB600,000 RM53,000
12 FAA $56,000 C$60,000 NT$12,000,000 $408,000 R360,000 RUB1,200,000 RM106,000
16 FAA $112,000 C$120,000 NT$24,000,000 $816,000 R720,000 RUB2,400,000 RM212,000
20 FAA $168,000 C$180,000 NT$36,000,000 $1,224,000 R1,080,000 RUB3,600,000 RM318,000
25 FAA $224,000 C$240,000 NT$48,000,000 $1,632,000 R1,440,000 RUB4,800,000 RM424,000
30 FAA $336,000 C$360,000 NT$72,000,000 $2,448,000 R2,160,000 RUB7,200,000 RM636,000
35 FAA $448,000 C$480,000 NT$96,000,000 $3,264,000 R2,880,000 RUB9,600,000 RM848,000
40 FAA $560,000/$1,120,000 C$600,000/C$1,200,000 NT$120,000,000/NT$240,000,000 $4,080,000/$8,160,000 R3,600,000/R7,200,000 RUB12,000,000 RM1,060,000/RM2,120,000
45 FAA $672,000/$1,680,000 C$720,000/C$1,800,000 NT$144,000,000/NT$360,000,000 $4,896,000/$12,240,000 R4,320,000/R10,800,000 RUB14,400,000 RM1,272,000/RM3,180,000
50 FAA $784,000/$2,240,000 C$840,000/C$2,400,000 NT$168,000,000/NT$480,000,000 $5,712,000/$16,320,000 R5,040,000/R14,400,000 RUB16,800,000 RM1,484,000/RM4,240,000
55 FAA $896,000/$2,800,000 C$960,000/C$3,000,000 NT$192,000,000/NT$600,000,000 $6,528,000/$20,400,000 R5,760,000/R18,000,000 RUB19,200,000 RM1,696,000/RM5,300,000
60 FAA $1,008,000/$3,360,000 C$1,080,000/C$3,600,000 NT$216,000,000/NT$720,000,000 $7,344,000/$24,480,000 R6,480,000/R21,600,000 RUB21,600,000 RM1,908,000/RM6,360,000
65 FAA $1,120,000/$3,920,000 C$1,200,000/C$4,200,000 NT$240,000,000/NT$840,000,000 $8,160,000/$28,560,000 R7,200,000/R25,200,000 RUB24,000,000 RM2,120,000/RM7,420,000
70 FAA $1,232,000/$4,480,000 C$1,320,000/C$4,800,000 NT$264,000,000/NT$960,000,000 $8,976,000/$32,640,000 R7,920,000/R28,800,000 RUB26,400,000 RM2,332,000/RM8,480,000

In Market:

  • 1.0 FAA points = 12-Month leg
  • 1.5 FAA points = Emerald Bonus leg
  • 3.0 FAA points = Diamond Bonus leg

International: (only one per market)

  • 1.0 FAA points = your #2 12-Month business
  • 1.5 FAA points = your #2 Emerald Bonus business
  • 3.0 to 6.0 FAA points = your #2 Diamond Bonus business
  • 0.5 FAA points = other 12-Month leg

A #2 Diamond Bonus business can generate up to 6.0 FAA points. The total FAA points for the #2 business are added together and divided by 2. This total will be used unless that amount is less than 3.0, in which case 3.0 will be used or if the amount is greater than 6.0, in which case 6.0 will be used.

Since 2001, FAA points were also recognized for qualifications of Founders Diamond and above, and encourage leaders to develop leaders in depth.

  • Crown is someone with 18 legs at Silver Producer or above for 6 months of the year or more. This pin can also be achieved with 22 FAA points and Diamond qualification.