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Ray & Carroll Youngblood
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Hamlett, Mickey & Dottie

Both Ray & Carroll Youngblood grew up on small farms in north Louisiana, and met while attending Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA. Ray had served in the Marine Corps for four years, and was using his VA benefits to pay for college.

They got married after graduation, and both began teaching school in Shreveport.

Ray taught for one year, and decided to enter the U.S. Air Force.

After many schools, many moves across the country, and lots of hard work, Ray reached the rank of major. Shortly after his promotion, he was invited to see the network marketing business.

Ray was a squadron commander in Raleigh, North Carolina at the time, and Carroll was teaching at a Christian school there. Carroll wanted to build the business from the beginning, but Ray was very skeptical. In just a little over six months, with much help and encouragement from other IBOs in the network, Carroll developed an income that was three times her teacher's salary, after 14 years of teaching. That's when Ray got excited!

He came on board and they began to build their business as a team.

Ray and Carroll realized significant monetary rewards right away, but readily understood that there were greater rewards in this business. The ability to work together as a husband/wife team, the ability to help change the lives of others, to travel as a family, and to set and reach common goals, held tremendous appeal for the Youngbloods.

Ray retired from the military and Carroll retired from teaching school, so they could spend more time building their business and relaxing with their two children, friends, and family. Their daughter, Tanya, and their son, Russell, are both building their own networking businesses now, and, of course, "proud" Mom and Dad are helping and cheering them on to success.

"What a great family business," says Carroll, as she talks about how special it is to work together as a family, and then play together on the beaches of the world. "The networking business is awesome," Ray says, as he relates back to how the Britt system of tapes, books, and functions has changed his whole thought process from negative to positive.

"Our business really took a giant leap forward," Ray exclaims, "when we stopped trying to build our business so hard, and started to build people instead." Ray and Carroll Youngblood are dreamers with direction, that's for sure!