Yong, Vincent & Rina

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Vincent & Rina Yong
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Malaysia


LOS Upline: Lee, Peter & Choi Kit

Success Story

Brought up by parents who operated their own direct selling company and insurance network, Vincent grew up to be independent with sound business acumen. He launched his first business venture while studying in the US. But, it wasn’t successful and landed him in debt.

In his second year of study, Vincent’s business partner invited him to an Amway meeting. Seeing people from all walks of life sharing their stories on how they overcame challenges and became successful in Amway, Vincent knew that by succeeding in Amway, his story would help encourage people to live better lives.

After graduating, Vincent started his Amway business full-time in Malaysia. His immediate hurdle was overcoming his lack of self-confidence. It was a big challenge and required tremendous courage as Vincent was an introvert, but he succeeded thanks to the leadership training provided by his upline team. He also faced strong opposition from his parents but Vincent’s persistence and enthusiasm eventually inspired his siblings to sign up. Attending a conference by upline Crown Ambassador Direct Distributor Peter Lee also convinced his parents to do the same.

Returning from Australia with a Marketing degree, Rina’s immediate goal was to find a marketing job with a high income and travel opportunities. Realising that Vincent’s business involved marketing at a global scale, Rina signed up. Her parents, who were supportive, also signed up. Rina learned to be disciplined and organised, and learning from books as well as her uplines, she honed her interpersonal skill. Once unable to relate to people from different age groups and background, Rina has since inspired many to move forward in this business.

Complementing each other’s strengths, their business excelled. While Rina favours socialising with her outgoing personality, Vincent’s calm persistence is more suited for strategic business planning. To date, they have been full-time Distributors for 7 years, full-time husband and wife to each other, and full-time parents to daughters, Grace (6) and Rebekah (2). They have also travelled extensively to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Alaska, Canada, US, Japan, Australia, Venice and Rome.

“We have set our goal to develop 12 new Diamonds by March 2012. To succeed in this business, we must have a definite major purpose that extends beyond our own selves. Living is loving and success is measured by the people whose lives we have made better. Helping others makes the world a better place, and gives us greater joy and a deeper sense of personal fulfillment.

“To be a Diamond, you must have conviction; you must act according to your faith, and be willing to pay the price. Be thankful and be willing to learn from your uplines.

“Our appreciation goes to upline Founders Emerald Direct Distributors Tan Hing Jau & Janet for their belief in us, their patience and guidance, upline Crown Ambassador Direct Distributors Peter Lee & Choi Kit for setting the standard of excellence, Founders Double Diamond Direct Distributors Jordan & Soo Hwen Koh, Double Diamond Direct Distributors Siew Fang & Celia Wong for providing a positive environment for us to grow, and all our Diamond friends for always encouraging and cheering us on.

“Not forgetting our awesome team, our parents and family members, Pastor Kevin Loo and Esther, Keith Tay, Peter and Abby Ting, and church leaders for being part of our success. Thank you very much. God bless you.”