Yena, Natalya

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Natalya Yena
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador, Ukraine) (2007)
Crown Ambassador, Russia (2008)
Markets: Ukraine, Russia

Diamond Alliance

LOS Upline: Katalin and Attila Gidofalvi

Member of European Diamond Advisory Council 2012




Crown Ambassador 2008

Before the Amway business, Nataliya Yena had tried different kinds of traditional businesses: commerce, public catering, manufacturing, tourism, but these did not bring her the results she desired. She lacked a regular income and stability in her life. Nataliya was looking for new opportunities and then she was invited to an Amway Independent Entrepreneurs seminar. At the seminar, Nataliya heard about the Amway business and many stories of success from other people. She saw that people of different nationalities, different skin colours and classes, different religions, the young and elderly were all inspired by the same business idea. They were looking to a more secure future with the Amway business. They told of rewards, business trips provided by the company and they thanked their Leaders for support and assistance. Nataliya decided to devote all her spare time to the Amway business for a year and to follow the company’s and her sponsor’s recommendations. In just three and half months she achieved the Silver level and realised that she would never leave this business and that she had found the business of her life - the one she had looked for for so long! Nataliya has two children. Her son, Anatoliy, is 21 years old, daughter, Anna, is 14. They grew up surrounded by the Amway business, so Nataliya didn’t have to convince them that there was no better business. Nataliya’s daughter is already a great help, and Nataliya’s son has his own business; he is a Founders Platinum. Nataliya wants to share her joy with you: on 30th September, her son married a beautiful girl who is also his business partner, Olga. Nataliya is glad that they are connected not only by great love but also by the perfect business: Amway.