World Wide Diamonds

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World Wide Diamonds
WWD Top4-2.jpg
Launch: 1976
Leaders: Müller-Meerkatz, Eva & Dr. Peter
Countries: Germany
Notes: part of TOP4

In 1976 Dr. Peter & Eva Mueller-Meerkatz began building their network together with their American partner. In the course of eight years, their turnover grew from zero to 180 million Marks (>US$100 million).

Today their network stretches across Europe, including most LOS in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. The consolidated turnover of the LOS in 2008 was more than US$1.5 billion with IBO's in 40 countries, still managed from a small Swabian village.

In 1982 Dr. Peter & Eva Mueller-Meerkatz founded an Austrian holding company and built a seminar centre in the Tyrolian mountains. To December 1989 more than 200,000 people attended such seminars. In the beginning of the nineties the seminars were transferred to Southern Bavaria - first to Ruhpolding, later to Reit im Winkel.

In 2001 they cofounded the annual TOP4 spring convention. Today more then 1000 Diamonds and their leaders meet once a year. Joint travels are part of the WWD network culture and today form an important part of the WWD system.


Founders Crown Ambassador 50 FAA

Müller-Meerkatz, Dr. Peter & Eva, Bäumenheim, Germany (2008)

Crown Ambassador

Backhaus, Renate, Berlin, Germany (1991)

Triple Diamond

Polishchuk, Inna & Oleg, Kiev, Ukraine (2007)
Kuzmenko, Tatiana, Kiev, Ukraine (2007)

Double Diamond

Bechstein, Rolf & Baerbel, Germany (1991)
Braun, Walter, Bavaria, Germany (1982)

Founders Executive Diamond

Müller-Meerkatz, Dr. Peter & Eva, Russia (2008)
Müller-Meerkatz, David, St. Petersburg, Russia (2008)

Executive Diamond

Golovin, Svetlanda & Anatoly, Ukraine (2006)
Klemenova, Ludmilla & Anatoly, Ukraine (2008)
Panashkina, Irina & Sascha (2009)
Romagnioli, Renzo & Aurea, Italy

Founders Diamond

Fellnhofer, Andreas & Brigitte (2008)
Kordon, Antonia & Ocheretyanyy Leonid, Ukraine (2007)
Müller-Meerkatz, Dr. Peter & Eva, Czech. Rep. (2008)
Polishchuk, Inna & Oleg, Russia (2007)



König-Steiert, Elisabeth (1983)
Luerweg, Heinz-Peter & Elfriede (1983)
Maron, Gerda (1981)
Müller-Meerkatz, Susan (1999)
Scherible, Pia (1982)
Welsch, Paul & Gisela (1984)


Del Moro, Massimo & Torzolini, Laura
Marchesini, Mario
Polzoni, Anna Rita
Topi, Franco & Giuseppina
Venanzi, Renzo & Gatti, Laura


Carpinteyro, Rutilio P. & Lilia Vazquez


Müller-Meerkatz, Dr. Peter & Eva 1998)


Perez, Salvador & Mavi (2005)


Martinov, Oxana & Sergey (2007)


Sarapas, Virma & Jurijus (2007)


Perez, Salvador & Mavi (2005)
Yong, Lin Hai & Yon, Zhen (2009)


Van Gelderen, Elisabeth & Patrick (1996)


Shynkaryuk, Ludmyla & Valeriy (2008)

United Kingdom

Brinner, Jürgen & Sally
De Souza, Bernie
Wills, Brenda

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