Winters, Larry & Pam

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Larry & Pam Winters
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Paul & Leslie Miller

Larry Winters is the leader of LTD (Leadership Team Development). Larry utilized the Quality Invite system, also known as QI, to develop their business. He gives credit to Gary Newell for pioneering QI, which is used for interviewing/screening prospects into open meetings.

In 1980, they were 24 year olds working as car wash employees when introduced to the business opportunity. They achieved Silver Producer status quickly but took six years to reach the Direct Distributor level (now referred to as Platinum IBO). It took them 5.5 years to hit the Gold Pin Level. But 4.5 years later they were qualified Diamonds, with 3000 people in their group. They achieved Ruby in 1987. They achieved Pearl in 1988. By March 1989 they had 1500+ people in their downline. Larry & Pam Winters qualified Diamond in 1991, Executive Diamond in 1997, Founders Executive Diamond in 2004, Double Diamond in August 2007.

Their frontline Diamond legs are:

1993 Executive Diamond - Danny & Renate Snipes
2006 Founders Diamond - Mike & Susan Bundy
2006 Founders Diamond - Campbell & Diane Haigh
2007 Diamond - Greg & Jacquie Francis

Their largest leg is via Mike Bundy (his 1st IBO and longtime friend), which includes downline Double Diamond (2005) Joe & Marybeth Markiewicz.

The Winters are the largest US leg of Crown Paul Miller. Larry was once 7 deep from Paul, but everyone in between quit. They reside in North Carolina.

Downline Diamonds


Larry Winters gets a warm welcome to LTD SPRING LEADERSHIP 2006 (double click to view, embed doesn't work)