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Quixtnet99, we have the complete listings of Amagram/Achieve recongitions for North America since Lennon & Suzanne Ledbetter were recognized as Double Diamond and they have never been recognized as Crown, let alone Founders Crown. If they've qualified at this level in some other country, please clarify. Alternatively, if we've missed something since the 98/99 Double Diamond, let me know. Otherwise, without evidence to the contrary, they're not Crown. --IBOFightback 05:05, 6 February 2008 (CST)

Yes, Ledbetter are not crown. On the End its allways Quixtar/Amway who makes the Recognitions! Like Rudolf from Germany, who has Crown Volume but not enoth people in his new leg, still is Triple. Or Attilah from Hungary has Crown Ambassador Volume but Amway dod not recognise him till his crown Pin in 2005 becouse of some dispute about his way of building the business (BSM) od like Beverly from WA, hwo is not CA, still Crown becouse of similar reasons! --User:1111 17:05 ebruary 2008 (CST)

I have one question, do you have a page on youtube called quixnet99? Dude answer, because I have asked you since along time ago. --XS Maniac

Hi XS Maniac. I did have some videos on youtube last year, but took them all down because of Lennon leaving the business. I have one video on there that I use for contacting with.