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Kaoru Nakajima 65 FAA?

Is there any official announcement regarding the 65 FAA points? During the 50th Anniversary celebration he was introduced as Founders Crown Ambassador 50 FAA.--SP75 11:52, 14 December 2009 (UTC)

During the Last Amway Australia Achievers Trip to Tokyo, Nakajima invited to give a speech. Somehow we heard, the announcement said his FAA is 65.

Then Holy who just been a Brand New Platinum in New Zealand. Been recoginized on stage. They introduce her as 70 FAA (the highest in world currently)

Offcourse we never seen the cheque. :)

Anyway, after Holy been recognize, Nakajima feel embarased gave talk infront 70 FAA, then he whispered to one of the Achiever, said that he will break 6 more legs this year, just enough to make it 71 FAA.

That's how i know it.

Well If you think the information is not appropriate at this stage, let us take off my information, until we receive more qualified information.

Thanks to re-check my info. Many thanks.

Stonelake's upline Diamond

Where did you get the info about the Dornans being upline to Stolake? According to my sources (and this wiki), Stonelake was upline to the Dornans.--SP75 11:58, 14 December 2009 (UTC)

Blessedstream, are you in Austrailia, or do you happen to open a market from somewhere else?--XS Maniac 10:15, 17 December 2009 (UTC-8)