Upchurch, Stuart & Edith

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Stuart & Edith Upchurch
Stuart & Edith Upchurch.gif
Pin: Diamond
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Paul & Leslie Miller
Website: http://www.bww.com/

Stuart & Edith Upchurch are Diamonds from Raleigh, NC affiliated with BWW. They qualified Diamond in 1997 and are part of Paul Miller's organization. Prior to the business, Stuart worked a corporate job at Budweiser. After 18 months in Amway, Budweiser forced Stuart to choose between Amway or Budweiser, and he chose to quit Budweiser at 800PV.

Stuart and Edith started their business to provide a third income which would help them pay off some debts. After spending time with their upline Diamond, Paul Miller, and seeing his lifestyle, they developed a bigger dream of someday being able to replace their job income and retire early to enjoy life.

About 18 months later, at 800 PV, Stuart was given an ultimatum at work. He was asked to choose between his marketing business and his job. It was a choice between working 60 hours a week with two weeks off a year and a decent income, OR creating an unlimited residual income with the time to enjoy it, setting his own schedule, and being with people who are excited about life and who realize that each person's success helps everyone else.

It was an easy choice to make. Their income dropped drastically. They cut back on their standard of living and Stuart started a window and gutter cleaning business. They did whatever it took to make ends meet until the business could provide the lifestyle they wanted.

The Upchurches went Platinum in 1988, and then changed pins every two years. At Emerald, they more than equalled the income they had from their jobs when they started their business, but now they had the time AND the money. Along the way, they enjoyed all-expense paid trips to Orlando, Palm Springs, Puerto Rico, and a Mexican cruise as part of the business's incentive program.

Life is quite different now for Stuart and Edith. Today, they enjoy starting the day slowly with a cup of coffee and breakfast on their screened porch. It is peaceful and quiet, with nothing in sight but the trees, grass, and flowers. Edith enjoys being at home in the house in the country that she had always dreamed of. When Stuart is out showing the plan, she has two dogs as her constant companions.

As Diamonds, Stuart and Edith are looking forward to a lot more travelling. They will celebrate their wedding anniversary in the Caribbean, then on to Colorado for skiing, and then they go to Hawaii and Peter Island. They are now living the life that they had dreamed of and continue to build their business to help others improve their lives