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It was stated by diamonds, and above, that LOC was used in the First Gulf War[1] to clean up the oil spills caused in the conflict. Another major use for L.O.C. is a "wetting" agent for Agricultural spay, that is adding a surfactant [2] that is a soap reduces the surface tension of the water. This results in the water wetting the leaf instead of sitting a bubble on the surface. This is especially important as leaves often have a waxy surface to facilitate the water running off.

I have just cut the above text from the article, as it seems to be wild, unsupported claims about the product. The links provided for verification mention nothing about L.O.C. whatsoever; if anyone can provide documentation for these claims, they should feel free to re-enter the text into the article with the appropriate documentation. --Medic 14:06, 18 May 2009 (UTC)
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