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Here is imformation 6 frontline diamonds. It is right expression? Better expression is 6 diamond legs. But I do not know it is true. If they have 6 diamond legs, that mean 18FAA and automaticaly Founders Double Diamond. It's just as I understand allotment FAA points only :) 3FAA per every diamond leg.--Dusyk 13:58, 19 October 2009 (UTC)  :some corrections Menzel is a Downline Diamond, probably of Honold. So, in the mid 8Os, with 4 Diamond Legs, Böhnke was one of the deepest Diamonds in Europe. Today the old ones mostly are retired and probably dont fully qualify as Diamond. Bang is an international Diamond in Scandinavia counting with 0,5 FAA for Böhnke.

Th Bang