Soopanaraphan, Rachaya

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Rachaya Kulladarom
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: Thailand


LOS Upline: Hongladaromp, Wilay & Racop

Khun Rachaya is a thailand double diamond ABO. She graduated from Burapa University in Faculty of Education. Her first job was as teacher. She entered the amway business on the advice of Ruby ABO : Mr. Thawatchai-Mrs. Benjaporn Thaikiew because Mrs. Benjaporn was teaching at the same school. The beginning, Khun Rachaya didn't pay much attention to the business. She later had an opportunity to hear about business plan and it was form this that she then began to understand the amway business.When she start with amway business she have no time because she work in 7 days per week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. but she know amway business is simple business .She can work for everytime that she want to do. And then, she spent most of her spare time to doing the amway business more until it had grown to a point where it has become her full time job.

Khun Rachaya like her amway business because it gives her flexibility and freedom, she is the master of her own life. She even stops doing business from time to time but without running out income (Her business could stops but her income never stops). The Amway business has provided her an opportunity to help people and change their lives.

Khun Rachaya's concept of running a successful business is to do the job that makes us happy and doing the very best we can. She sees every problem as a challenge and it's from this that we can succeed. "Freedom is the opportunity to make decisions."