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|name= Soonye
|image =http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/object2/371/50/n103781056322755_6400.jpg
|markets=[[Amway Malaysia|Malaysia]]
|website= http://www.soonye.org
|countries= [[Amway Malaysia|Malaysia]]

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Website: http://www.soonye.org
Countries: Malaysia
Notes: none

Soonye was founded by the first and only Founders Crown Ambassador in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore Lee Kim Soon & Kwee Choo. It is also the the groups and organisations under TOP4.

Business Building Philosophy

Soonye's philosophy has always been about learn to be a better person in order to build a successful Amway business.


Amway Malaysia

Founders Crown Ambassador

Lee Kim Soon & Kwee Choo, Founders Crown Ambassador (2005)

Executive Diamond

Ng Tiam Ming & Lau Meng Huey {1998}


Man Cheong Meng & Poh Swan {2008}
Simon Ong Cheng Sim & Siew Ping {2005}
Chong Kim Fei & Ong Peik Chew{2008}

Amway Singapore


Jane Tan & Ong Hock Guan {2009}