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Angie Somers
Angie somers.jpg
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: Australia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Leonard, Norman & Glenda

Angie and Peter Ross started their Amway business in August 1984. Their business achieved Silver Producer status in 1984, and Direct Distributor status in 1985, at which stage their distributorship had sponsored 21 other distributorships, and their business organisation consisted of about 70 distributorships. After 6 years they achieved Diamond in December 1990. The qualified EDC in 1993 and then Double Diamond in 1997.[1]

They separated in 1992 however they ran the business jointly for several years before both entered new relationships, at which point Angie bought out Peter's share. Peter Ross and his wife Debbie started from scratch and qualified as Platinum again within 12 months (2005) and reached Emerald in 2007. Angie now lives with her partner Carl and two daughters.

Success Story

Angie feels she has been on an incredible journey, evolving into a dynamic and inspiring global business woman. Coming from simple beginnings, with European parents settling in the outskirts of Sydney, Angie learnt the value and rewards of persistence as her parents adapted to a new country. She began her working career as a secretary, moving on to being a personal assistant and then on to sales and marketing.

Originally, Angie Somers’ driving factor was simple; “No more 6:00 a.m. mornings!” The idea of replacing her income quickly was her main inspiration. This goal became her major focus, which helped her overcome her initial fears. As a result she was able to replace her income in just four short months.

“My excitement grew as I realised that financial independence could become a reality. In just a few years I had created a passive income and at the same time helped my friends achieve their goals - a win/win situation for all.

Success is built one step at a time. Each win builds confidence and the belief that you can do it too! Others have, why not you?”

It was initially Jim and Nancy Dornan’s story on CD, which had a major influence on Angie and motivated her to take action. Nancy’s statement “your past is not your future” and their inspiring story, changed Angie’s belief system forever.

The Network 21 Seminars and CDs, leadership books and wonderful role models all made an impact upon her. Angie quickly learnt the value of self education. Coupled with this, her energy, enthusiasm and willingness to work enabled her to create the freedom and lifestyle she enjoys today.

Angie now shares her life with her partner Carl & his gorgeous girls, Jessica & Emilee. They live on beautiful Sydney Harbour, and Angie’s greatest joy is to share this with friends and family.

Angie’s passion now, together with Carl, is to continue to help others grow to become financially independent and to realise their dreams. She is so proud of the people in her organization here in Australia & globally, who have developed into major leaders in their own right.

Today Angie’s business operates in more than 25 plus countries – “it’s a gift to have so many valued relationships, memories and continued experiences with some amazing people”.

Angie enjoys inspiring people with her story on the Network 21 stage around the world and states “It’s the journey that makes the person.”