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Dave & Jan Severn
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear

Dave & Jan Severn are Executive Diamonds from Idaho, having orgiinally qualified Diamond in 1981 Dave claims to have plateaued as a 52,000 PV Ruby then broke 5 Platinum legs to go from Ruby to Diamond in 12 months. He was a CPA prior to Amway.

While people have argued that it is very difficult to go diamond living in a rural based community, Severn often responds by saying he has broken over 10 Platinums out of small towns. He is very popular within WWDB and BWW and is often quoted by many IBO's. Double Diamond Larry Winters has admitted to being obsessed with Severn quotes. This stems from Severn's tape Pigs Don’t Know Pig’s Stink.

Downline Diamonds

The Severns have 3 frontline Diamonds:

Success story

The Teacher Appeared

“When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.” That saying describes how the Indpendent Business Plan came into the lives of Dave and Jan Severn.

After a tour in the army, Dave joined an international accounting firm as a certified public accountant, but by age thirty-two he had peaked out in his career and had to settle for annual cost-of-living wage increases while waiting for a promotion opening.

“I was tired of working 100+ hours per week and being paid for only forty,” says Dave, “and frustrated by performing at the next level while being paid at my present level and by taxes and inflation eating up most of my income.”

The Severns were driving a rusty 1967 Chevy. Because they couldn’t meet living expenses, Jan had gone back to work. “I had done everything I had been advised to do,” says Dave. “A degree, a professional license, and hard work. We had to do something and not sit around hoping things would change.” Enter this business. The pupil (Dave) was ready, and the teacher (Ron Puryear) appeared as if by magic.

Going for the Big Business

“We were busy people,” explains Dave. “Fully involved in business and community activities. No extra time. But the business looked too good to miss. We didn’t know much about it, but we believed in its potential and we knew we could put forth the required effort. We figured the Independent Business Pan would solve our financial problems, so we decided to build a big business!”


The Severns launched their future and fell flat on their faces. Most friends and relatives either laughed or told them they were crazy. Dave’s professional accounting associates warned that he would be throwing away his profession if he didn’t quit his side business. But Dave and Jan kept their dreams bigger than their struggles and, most importantly, they took business advice only from their upline and stopped listening to criticism.

Our Commitment Was Planted

Even so, six months after starting their business, the Severns had no business volume and no profitability. They finally plugged into the support system and went to a Family Reunion. “We saw what it was really all about,” says Dave. “Love, caring, and sharing among people of all walks of life. We saw what lies beyond the products. Our commitment was planted at that function when we saw the lifestyle that was possible and the caliber of people with whom we were going to build our future. From that point, it was just a matter of time.”

Living by Choice

In six more months, when the earnings were double her salary, Jan quit her job to stay home. By learning how to set goals, consistently working the business with the same seriousness given their jobs, and following upline counsel, the Severns built their business rapidly. Eleven months after Jan’s Independence Day, Dave, by choice, walked away from his profession with an annual income four times his CPA salary.

Controlling Our Decisions

The Severns’ income has grown steadily since Dave’s freedom day. As full-time independent business owners, Dave and Jan choose each day exactly what they want to do, who they want to do it with, where they want to be, and how long they want to stay. The family enjoys world travel, vacations, and first-class clothing and accommodations. Time and money no longer control their decisions. The Severns live on a 138-acre estate with a river, ponds, and a lake. Fish and wildlife abound in their paradise. They also own a 160-acre ranch in Idaho that they enjoy as a business operation and a family recreational area. Caretakers and a housekeeper share the workload to free up the Severns’ time for playing.

Dreaming Great Dreams

“The rewards of Diamond are worth many more times the effort that it took to build it,” Dave says. “Financial independence allows our family to enjoy the number-one lifestyle in America today. All we did was dream great dreams, say ‘yes’ to our dreams, and then work our business.

“It has been a labor of love that never feels like working—and financially free for many years. Some of the greatest rewards have been the ability to provide expensive, specialized schooling for our son, care for our parents, realty investments, and travel to far-off places with our entire family.”

Serving Others

“We can’t imagine doing anything better to serve others more than this magnificent business! Our Christian values apply to every aspect, and we give all the glory for our success to our God. But the best thing is that the same business and benefits are still there for you,” says Dave.