Santhanakrishnan, Ramesh & Rama

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Ramesh & Rama Santhanakrishnan
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Kumar Shiva Ramakrishnan & Anjali Kumar

Little did we know, when we entered this country pursuing 'the American Dream,' that we would stumble upon this incredible business opportunity which would help us achieve that dream and beyond!

We will never forget FED 2004... Philadelphia... a huge coliseum packed with people, cheering and screaming with excitement, eagerly awaiting the next couple onstage. There were people running at break-neck speed to the front of the stage; our intro video is playing; all of our upline are assembled onstage with a Diamond plaque and flowers; and Kumar is announcing... 'Please welcome brand new Diamonds...'

There we were, holding hands, tears running down our cheeks, as the magic moment was, in fact, happening for us. As we walked up the steps and onto the stage, we were greeted by hugs from each of our upline and those sweet, resounding words, 'Welcome to Diamond Club.'

We could not help but reminisce about the year before, as we watched a parade of new Diamonds onstage, happy for them, but hurting deep within, anxious to move on to Diamond ourselves. That's when we made a solemn decision that not another year would pass without our names being called from the FED stage!

Thanks to this beautiful business opportunity and to our inspirational mentors, Kumar and Anjali, we have a wonderful lifestyle and financial security for our two beautiful daughters, Rathi and Rasya. Our goal is to help many others on our team reach Diamond level and beyond!

When Ramesh and Ramaa first saw this business, they were living in a one bedroom apartment and drove a car that needed some serious uplifting! They were in debt and barely making ends meet.

Today, they own a beautiful home in a great neighborhood and drive whatever they choose. Ramaa is a world-class Indian classical dancer, and she pursues that passion for the right reason ' love for the art and not as a means of survival! She runs a dance school from her home and is very well known in her field.

Ramesh and Ramaa are also excited about their business in India. They have been able to support a lot of good causes, as well as taking care of their families back home.

Shivaram & Anjali Kumar, Double Diamonds