Popovich, Mike & Barb

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Mike & Barb Popovich
Pin: Diamond
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Howie & Theresa Danzik
Website: http://popovich.wwdb.biz/


Mike and Barb were in the Air Force, working in cubes all day, when they first saw the Quixtar business opportunity. They saw Quixtar as a way to create flexibility and to live a little, versus just making a living. From humble beginnings, this couple created a large Quixtar business that allowed them to step away from corporate America while still in their 30s.

Now the Popoviches are able to home-school their children and watch them grow while building their business and achieving their own dreams. They believe their Quixtar business has given them the opportunity to relax, enjoy life, and focus on helping others achieve their own goals.

Mike & Barb Popovich are Diamonds based in Colorado. They qualified Emerald and Diamond in 2001.

They have 2 frontline Emeralds. They are:

  • 2002 Emerald - Steve & Theresa White
  • 2003 Emerald - Dave & Beverly Vance