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Richard & Louise Cole
Louise Phillips.JPG
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Britt, Bill & Peggy

Louise Cole went diamond in the early 80's as a single (nee Louise Williams); got married (Paul & Louise Phillips), then divorced. She has since remarried now known as Richard & Louise Cole. The Cole's were BWW Diamonds in the Mike & Eileen Limburg (Britt's frontline Emerald inactive) organisation. They are now Part of LTD.Louise Cole's immediate upline diamond is Bill Britt. She has several diamonds and 1 EDC within her organisation.

Bill Britt always jokes that he got two (diamond) legs for the price of one. Both the Miller and Cole organisations came from the same prospect who has since quit.

One of their more famous downline's is Founders Emerald Lee Kessler who was a Hollywood actress for many years.

When Louise first saw this business plan, she was working as an aerospace researcher with the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) in Hampton, Virginia.

"I went to William and Mary to become a math teacher, but I changed to a physics major to avoid having to take a public speaking class - I was afraid to speak before an audience!"

She was invited by a co-worker to a hotel meeting to see a business opportunity. "That night I met people who believed in what they were doing and were excited about it. That's what attracted me to this business," remembers Louise. "In this business, I found an environment that was genuinely unconcerned with the fact that I was a woman. I don't like being treated better or worse, professionally, because I'm female. I just want to be accepted for what I produce, period. That's the way it is with this business."

And produce she did. Louise became the first single woman, working alone, to achieve Diamond status in the United States. Today, Louise has a very large international organization with hundreds of Platinums, many Rubies, Emeralds, and a downline Diamond and EDC.

"The biggest reward of this business has come through being able to establish meaningful personal relationships, obtaining personal as well as spiritual growth, and being able to help others help themselves."

Louise's life has changed quite a bit in the past several years. "My first and only goal, initially, was to be able to purchase a sports car. But, my income continued to grow until my part-time business income was several times my NASA income. I submitted my letter of resignation to NASA, and I was free, at 35 years of age! Today I drive a Mercedes, a conversion van for the kids, live in a beautiful home on a five-acre waterfront estate, and spend my mornings working out at the health club or playing tennis instead of going to work! I've travelled throughout the USA and many parts of the world, and have been able to share many of these trips with my parents and my children."

But, the biggest change has come through her transition to that of a single parent. "I married shortly after going Diamond, and have two wonderful children, Andrew and Jessica. Today, as a single parent, I appreciate the secure lifestyle that this business provides for me and my children. We love this business and the freedom it has afforded us, to go wherever we want, whenever we want - together. It's great to be free -personally and financially. It's great to live in a country that allows me to exercise that freedom by being in business for myself."