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[[Category:Triple Diamond]][[Category:Mexico]]
[[Category:Triple Diamond]][[Category:Mexico]]
Vladimir y Susana son [[Double Diamond|Dobles Diamantes]] (2011) en [[Mexico]]  y  [[Diamond|Diamantes]] (2012) en  [[United States | E.E.U.U.]]
Vladimir y Susana son [[Triple Diamond|Triple Diamantes]] (2018) en [[Mexico]]  y  [[Diamond|Diamantes]] (2012) en  [[United States | E.E.U.U.]]
=Downline Diamonds=
=Downline Diamonds=

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Vladimir Pandura & Susana Valuenzuela
Pin: Triple Diamond
Markets: Mexico / United States

Vision 2010

LOS Upline:

Vladimir y Susana son Triple Diamantes (2018) en Mexico y Diamantes (2012) en E.E.U.U.

Downline Diamonds

Pandura, Vladimir & Valenzuela, Susana, Triple Diamantes, Vision 2010 (2018)