Ohri, Ajay & Alka

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Ajay & Alka Ohri
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Kumar Shiva Ramakrishnan & Anjali Kumar

Ajay & Alka Ohri Diamond IBO

When we were first presented as new Diamonds on the FED stage, our sponsors, Kumar and Anjali, raised our hands in victory ' a dream come true! We had tears of joy because we had worked night after night on total faith for this moment.

It was better than we ever imagined. There we were, with our upline and other heroes in the business, people we had heard on tape and seen onstage, and wished to emulate ever since we started our business. It absolutely blew us away that they were all so warm and made us feel so welcome. They took the time to get to know us, and Kumar and Anjali touched our hearts by doing so many things that were completely unexpected. It made us feel so very special!

The secret to creating our destiny is in one simple word: 'Action!' We just kept working hard at building our business. We were very focused and did not allow anything to distract us.

It was certainly worth building this business. We have a mission and a vision to help others reach the Diamond level and beyond.

Everybody knows Ajay! If you are looking for Ajay at any event, all you've got to do is find out who everyone is looking for to get things done! His upline counts on him ' so does his crossline!

Alka is a server, just like her husband. She is always radiant with excitement and likes to be where the action is. Together they are a great blessing to the Diamond team. You can equal them in your work ethic, but you cannot beat them!

Ajay stepped out of the job world about two years before going Diamond. Alka quit her banking job shortly after seeing the business.

'When we started the business,' says Ajay, 'we looked good, smelled good, but we were broke and heavily in debt!'

'Thanks to this business, the mentorship of our upline, and the training and support system ' our house and cars are paid for and we are totally debt-free!' adds Alka.

Shivaram & Anjali Kumar, Double Diamonds