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|markets=[[Japan]], [[United Kingdom]]
|markets=[[Japan]], [[United Kingdom]]
|updiamond=[[Tatsukami, Eiko & Shoji]], & [[Stonelake, Robert]]
|updiamond=[[Arima, Nanae & Seisuke]]
|website= http://www.heckel.ne.jp
|website= http://www.heckel.ne.jp

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Kaoru Nakajima
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador 50 (1998)

Double Crown Ambassador (1996)

Markets: Japan, United Kingdom


LOS Upline: Arima, Nanae & Seisuke
Website: http://www.heckel.ne.jp

aka 中島 薫


May 1982



United Kingdom

Platinum May 2010

Downline Diamond

Diamond Map (2005)



The first Double Crown Ambassador in the world. In 1987 he qualified as the first asian Crown and Crown Ambassador. In 1992 He went Q12 Crown Ambassador with 20 Q12 legs long before Founders Crown Ambassador pin was introduced (2002). In 1994 he had 25 qualifying legs and in 1996 he qualified as a new Double Crown Ambassador with 42 Platinum legs and FDSA recipient. In 1998 he was recognized for achieving 50 FAA - the highest FAA points in the world at that time. In 1998 his organization counted 750,000 downline distributors, and the sales of his group made 40% of Amway Japan. He has 11 Diamond legs which include 5 Founders Crown Ambassadors (Takeshi & Hidemi Azumi, Shuji & Tomoko Hamamoto, Kenichiro & Yoshiko Hatayama, Takumi & Rieko Yamazaki), Mikio & Yuka Kaku, 6 Crown Ambassadors (Hosomi, Hiroshi & Hiromi, Hidekazu & Yuki Kajihara, Kitagi, Yasuyuki & Hiromi, Morihiko & Seiko Kitakon, Yasuhisa & Narumi Masuda, and Yoshiyuki & Mineko Yamazaki), 1 Crown, 5 Triple Diamonds, 15 Double Diamonds, 40 EDCs and about 200 Diamonds in his downline.

Nakajima, Kaoru is Founder of HECKEL and one of the founding members of TOP4. Kaoru joined the business when Amway Japan was in its 3rd year (1982) and achieved Crown Ambassador in 5 years (1987). Then, at a seminar for Executive Diamonds, he lost his luggage with his Crown Ambassador pin. When Rich DeVos heard about that, he gave him a new pin. When his luggage were found and he went to Rich DeVos to return the pin, Rich said: "Well, just keep the pin, and be a Crown Ambassador once more!" Then, Nakajima decided to become Double Crown Ambassador, thus proving that you can be registered into the business a decade late and still rise to the top of the pinnacle.

Kaoru Nakajima built a DreamHouse in a prestigious part of Tokyo, a magnificent private residence that was the feature in an Amway Japan video. DreamHouse has been gazetted by the Japanese government as a national monument and cannot be demolished without permission.

Kaoru was internationally sponsored downline of American Diamond Robert Stonelake, who sold his business in the early 80s to a partnership including Jim & Nancy Dornan