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Ken & Linda Miller
Miller Ken Linda.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Britt, Bill & Peggy

Building our own business has been an overall great experience for both of us. Linda and I knew how to play the cello and we had the discipline of practicing, but people skills and business knowledge were lacking. We knew we could dream big, and with the Britt system, we had a chance to become financially free!

As a graduate of the University of Michigan, I figured a master's degree would be my ticket to getting a good job. I soon learned that I should get my doctorate in music, and that is where Linda and I saw this marketing program. She was finishing her bachelor's degree in Cello Performance at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, where I was working on my doctorate.

Little did we know how our lives would change. We were shown the marketing plan at a violinist's apartment, that had no furniture! It didn't matter though... we had a dream! Going to meetings and talking to people was very difficult at first, but Linda was always my cheerleader!

Today, our family reaps the rewards of our efforts from that very first year! Our children, Loren, Alex, and Elizabeth, are glad that their parents did the work to secure the family's financial future. You can overcome anything if you have a big dream. It is worth whatever it takes. The Britt System has supported our business all over the world. The knowledge you gain at the seminars helps you succeed and gain the faith that it takes to build this business big! We are thankful to our upline, Bill and Deane Burch, for saying "yes" to Bill Britt and passing the torch down to us, so we can be part of Bill and Peggy's Crown Ambassadorship. Since going Diamond, we have taken many trips to Vail, Colorado, rafted down the Salmon River in Idaho, and have enjoyed the Greenbrier Resort with our entire family ' all first class! Peter Island is a dream-builder, guys. Everyone should be able to enjoy that island and be able to shop in St. Thomas! And, Diamond Club in Hawaii is truly the only honeymoon you'll ever need! Life is good, and it's there for you!