Marsh, Charlie & Elsie

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Charlie (dec.) & Elsie Marsh
Charlie and Elsie Marsh.jpg
Pin: Crown Ambassador
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Elias, Ted
Notes:first Crown in the world


Charlie and Elsie first discovered the Amway business in 1964 while visiting Elsies mother, Charlie saw a can of shoe glow and gave it a try.After selling several cans just by spraying everybodys shoes he came in contact with,he decided he better call the company to order couple of cases of product.It was then he learned he had to be sponsored, the lead ended up with Ted Elias who was brand new in the business and drove 200 miles to show Charlie and Elsie the plan.At the time Charlie was a cop in Rome,N.Y. earning $72 a week and They were living in his fathers house.When Charlie saw the plan he got excited and found a way to get ahead.Four months later they had earned $4,000 in their Amway business and he quit the police force.Charlie and Elsie were the first Triple diamonds and Crowns in the Amway business.Charlie and Elsie are still active in their business and enjoy a incredible lifestyle because of it.Their son Jon and his wife Dee are platinum directs.

Charlie passed away on 26th of April 2010. R.I.P.




Downline Diamond