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Jim & Bev Mainor
Jim & Bev Mainor.gif
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Youngblood, Ray & Carroll

A lot has changed for Jim and Bev since they were first introduced to this business. Jim was on active duty with the United States Air Force as an air traffic controller, and Bev was a full-time college student, pursuing a nursing career.

While Jim was at work one day, a co-worker invited himself over to their house to talk about a "business opportunity." Jim and Bev's house was like every other house on a military base, "compact." They had a "postage stamp yard" and a yellow Honda. Living from payday to payday, Jim was looking for some way to produce some extra income.

Nine months later, their "extra" income equalled what Bev would have made had she continued her nursing career and worked until she was 65. After three and a half years building their own business, Jim and Bev qualified as Diamond Directs.

Now, they are financially able to pursue a lifestyle and calling that most people only sit and dream about. Although the Mainors have an "S" class Mercedes, an SC-400 Lexus, a Sea Ray 390 Express Cruiser boat, a 6,200 square foot custom waterfront home, and many other luxuries, Jim says, "The real joy in life is being able to do what you want to do, with whom you want to do it, whenever you want to do it."

The Mainors have three children. Brittany, the youngest, is the only one still living at home. Bev points out that, Brittany "travels with us, enjoys the friends, appreciates the lifestyle this business has provided, and loves having full-time parents."

"Real happiness is finding God's purpose for your life - and doing it."