Liu Ding Yu & Chao Chun-Pu

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Liu Ding Yu & Chao Chun-Pu
Pin: Executive Diamond (2012)
Markets: Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Amway UK & ROI

The Plum BlossomUltra Group

LOS Upline: Barry Chi & Holly Chen, Lee Kim Soon & Kwee Choo(int.)



Ding Yu is the youngest son of the FAA70 Double Crown Ambassador Barry Chi & Holly Chen. In Singapore, He achieved his Diamond pin in 2010 and became the first Executive Diamond in Singapore in 2012 .

Ding Yu and Chun-Pu were once part of the salaried class. Chun- Pu was a deputy inflight supervisor with a major airline company but having travelled around the world for eight years, her lifetime dream had yet to be realised. As for Ding Yu, he worked his way up to a senior managerial level in an IT company. Soon after, he founded his own high tech IT company and offered IT franchise opportunities. Under his coaching, many new entrepreneurs have managed to build successful IT franchises.

As they build their international AMWAY business, the globetrotting couple felt that they were at a disadvantage compared to the locals but they managed to overcome the odds.

“Life is like a boat on the ocean. If you can’t set it in the right direction, you’re not going to sail with favourable winds.” Ding Yu and Chun-Pu would like to share their experience in building a successful life with you for they believe that you can surely build a bigger and better Amway business!

Chronology of Achievements

??/2006 Signed up
??/?? Direct Distributor
??/?? Emerald
04/2010 Diamond
08/2012 Executive Diamond







??/2006 加入
??/?? 白金/直系
??/?? 翡翠
04/2010 钻石
08/2012 执行专才钻石