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Suzanne Ledbetter
Pin: Crown
Markets: United States

InterNET / TeamBuilders

LOS Upline: Ledbetter, Curtis & Virginia/Ledbetter, Rob & Katie
Website: http://www.myteambuilders.com
Notes:Co-Founders of TeamBuilders

Our Mission Statement: Building a legacy of faith, hope, and freedom. Strengthening families, developing leaders and building teams with the vision to dream, courage to struggle, and persistence to victory!

Our Motto: We Build Teams. We Live Dreams!

The Rewards of Football: Recognition, Income, Lifestyle, and Being Part of a Team

Ask Lennon Ledbetter, star athlete, what he sought in his football career, and he replies without hesitation: "Recognition, income, lifestyle, and being part of a team."

Lennon had been in the sports spotlight since childhood. He played on an undefeated junior high football team. In high school, he set pass-receiving records that earned him All-State and All-American honors, and his team won the regional championship. Not surprisingly, Lennon was recruited nationally.

The fleet wide receiver decided to play for Brigham Young University; his team won its conference championship all four years. But the highlight of his college years had little to do with athletics. At BYU Lennon met and married Suzanne, a fashion merchandising major from Canada, who graduated cum laude.

The Rewards of TeamBuilders: Recognition, Income, Lifestyle, and Being Part of a Team

Lennon's brother and sister-in-law, Rob and Katie, and his parents, Curtis and Virginia (all also featured in Leadership Profiles), encouraged Lennon and Suzanne to think about Private Franchising. Despite the demands of Lennon recalls, "My parents convinced us to attend all functions, knowing they would expand our vision of networking. When we attended our first major function, we realized TeamBuilders could bring us all the rewards I had sought with sports-recognition, income, lifestyle, and being part of a team."

The discovery convinced young Lennon to bypass football, teaching, and coaching and, instead, to opt for a Private Franchising career. Good choice. Then for Lennon and Suzanne it was forward to Double Diamond, never negotiating the price of being winners.

Their Winning Attitude

"Of course we faced many obstacles," remembers Suzanne. "But if you keep finding reasons why you might not succeed, then you won't. It's that simple."

So Lennon and Suzanne tuned out all the negatives and focused on the positives. Sharing such winning attitudes, coupled with their incredible work ethic, the Ledbetters have built a phenomenal team and enjoyed great success. They have a championship lifestyle: they are full-time parents to their three young children; they have time to go places and build the business with Curtis and Virginia and Rob and Katie; they have resources to make significant contributions to church and charities; they have a majestic dream home and luxury automobiles; and they take vacations in Europe, Africa, Israel, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and at their lake home in Canada.

"It became even clearer to us how wonderful this business is," says Suzanne, "when we spent a spiritually uplifting vacation in Israel, where we walked some of the paths that Jesus walked. It was a time of reflection and gratitude. We knew we had become teachers and coaches, after all, because our team continued to grow while we were away!"

Lennon and Suzanne have always believed they would succeed with their business, and they continue to set the pace for their team. "I can't even imagine life without this business," says Lennon. "If you knew what we know, you'd do what we do!"

The Divorce

The Ledbetters are now seperated. Lennon had another wife and the family did not encourage it, especially Suzzane. Lennon and sSuzzane stayed away until Suzzane finally to the case to court. Suzzane won the the court case and took Lennon's business. Now Lennon is getting a divorce and will have to wait until 2011 to enter another MLM. If he does not wait, Amway will sue Lennon for US$15,000,000.

The Dream, The Struggle, The Victory...

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