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Leadership Team Development
Launch: 2006
Leaders: Larry & Pam Winters
Countries: United States
Notes: none

Leadership Team Development is the Professional Development Program formed by Larry & Pam Winters. The majority of the Diamonds affiliated with LTD are in the Winters' line of sponsorship, though several affiliated Diamonds are actually downline from Paul Miller and Bill Britt. Prior to the formation of LTD, all groups were affiliated with Britt World Wide.


Below is a list of diamonds now affiliating with the LTD organization.

Double Diamond

2007 Winters, Larry & Pam
2005 Markiewicz, Joe & Marybeth

Executive Diamond

1993 Snipes, Danny & Renate
1993 Moore, Jeff & Andrea

Founders Diamond

2006 Bundy, Mike & Susan
2006 Haigh, Campbell & Dianne
2003 Weir, Doug & Amie


2009 Ayers, Gary & Nancy
2003 Baker, Jake & Jackie
1994 Cole, Richard & Louise
1995 Cooper, Tom & Connie
2002 Davies, Phill & Patricia
2007 Francis, Greg & Jacquie
2006 Grotewold, Matt & Alana
1996 Grove, Barry & Pat
1997 Huffstetler, John & Amy
1996 King, Roy & Sally
1996 Leininger, Alan & Michele
2006 Newell, Gary & Tammy
2008 Taylor, Terry & Lorri
2005 Waechter, Mike & Jana
1993 Yohey, Kenton & Andrea

Lines of Affiliation (LOA) are commonly known as Business Support Systems or Systems and are generally independent companies setup by successful Amway IBOs to offer support, training, and Professional Development Programs to other IBOs.

An IBOs LOA and Line of Sponsorship (LOS) may not necessarily be the same, however it is rare for someone less than the pin level of Emerald or Platinum to transfer to use an LOA different to that of his closest LOS Upline leaders.

There are some active LOAs but several LOAs (Defunct) have either disbanded or merged with other LOAs