Kumar Shiva Ramakrishnan & Anjali Kumar

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Kumar & Anjali
Pin: Double Diamond 2005
Markets: United States,India


LOS Upline: Manipal and Renuka Reddy
Notes:also Diamond in India

Kumar & Anjali arrived in the U.S. in the same year, Kumar to pursue his master’s degree in computer engineering. Anjali came to the US to attend her sister’s wedding. Kumar found a job as a computer consultant, and Anjali stayed on to develop a career in the travel field. Kumar was interested in the health insurance offered to IBO's in Amway. He first worked for a software development company but decided to contract himself instead and thus owned his own firm.

They live in a 8100-square-foot home in New Jersey. They have three daughters.

Kumar went Emerald as a single in 1993; then married Anjali and was the first Indian to qualify Diamond (1995) in the BWW system. Their sixth leg went to the 7500 PV level extremely quickly (about 30 days). They went Founders EDC in 2002. The Kumar's qualified Double Diamond (USA) in 2005 with their 12th qualifying leg (in India) being Kumar's Mom & Dad. The Kumar's qualified Diamond in India during 2004 and are Q-12 Platinums in Singapore and the United Kingdom[1]

Their first downline diamonds are 2005 EDC's Sugeet Ajmani who qualified Diamond in 2001. In 2006 their frontline US diamonds are 2003 Founders Diamond Kankan Bhattacharriya, 2003 Sanjiv Sahay, 2004 Diamonds Ajay Ohri and 2004 Diamonds Ramesh Santhana Krishnan.



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  1. Submission to the FTC by Shivaram Kumar