Kingston, Geoff & Jenny

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Geoff & Jenny Kingston
Pin: Diamond - 1994
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Smart, Bill & Briony

Geoff & Jenny Kingston live in South Australia. They joined Amway in May 1988 and took 6 years to reach the Diamond level. They are sponsored by Emerald IBOs Geoff & Wendy Etteridge who are under Diamonds Bill & Briony Smart. They are part of the McKenna LOS.

Success Story

Geoff grew up in the city of Wagga Wagga in NSW but moved to Adelaide to study accountancy and to play football professionally. He represented SA 15 times, was chosen in the All-Australian Team and named in two Halls Of Fame – in SA and in Wagga Wagga. He has had an extensive media career in newspapers, television and radio, is a successful author, and has travelled the world covering most of the world’s major sporting events – Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Wimbledon, Americas Cup, Masters golf, US Open and British Open golf, first class cricket, Australian Open tennis and of course AFL.

Jenny came from a different world and a different culture being born in Chennai, India and travelled the sub-continent extensively with her parents. Her father was a doctor and Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force and so the family was constantly on the move. Jenny attended university in Bangalore and gained her degree majoring in literature and political science.

Geoff had been working in the media for 25 years and Jenny was working as a teacher in Adelaide when they were shown the business opportunity. It was explained to Geoff on a dusty piece of concrete that was the foundation for an extension to their home – and by a tradesman he did not know.

Whilst Geoff was curious and thinking “What if it worked?”, Jenny had no interest whatsoever. With two children, working full time and with Geoff working shift work and often out of Australia, “time” was an issue. However, within nine months of getting started they had replaced Jenny’s teaching income and 24 months later they had replaced Geoff’s. This allowed them to make different choices.

Geoff says, “The training and support system gave us an awareness of our own potential. It provided us with the tools to grow and change and to get better – as people, as parents and as friends.” For Geoff, it was one of those tools, a book titled “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, that was a major signpost to show him the way – a different way to achieving success.

The business has been a significant influence in their lives. They have witnessed the evolution of a multi-billion dollar industry that has enabled them to travel the world – and to places that most people only dream about visiting such as cities and countries like Hawaii, New York, Paris, London, the Caribbean, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Disneyland and India.