Jain, Vishal & Sonika

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Vishal & Sonika Jain
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Bhattacharyya, Kankan & Samina

According to Vishal, 'The Quixtar business has given us the freedom, time, and money to enjoy living a great life.'

Sonika says, 'I love building this business, and I really enjoy the time I get to spend with Vishal and the children.'

'We have had an opportunity to impact many people who we met while building our business, and reaching the Diamond level has been a wonderful experience. It was worth every minute of the time and effort it took,' they agree. 'All we did was get together with our upline, chalk out a game plan, and worked hard at it. We want more people to come join us at Diamond Club!'

by: Kankan & Samina Bhattacharyya, Diamonds IBOs Vishal and Sonika Jain came to the U.S. with two names on their 'list' ' for emergency use only! They literally invited themselves to see the business plan and forced their sponsors to register them, even before they found a home or a car. They are living proof that determination and hard work can overcome all obstacles. An accountant by profession, Vishal used to work in the software industry. Through this opportunity, they are both free, raising their two beautiful daughters, Sachi and Vanshika.

They make a great team - Vishal with his bold leadership and Sonika with her quiet strength. They have always enjoyed building the business and have a tremendous team of leaders coming up behind them. They are excited about the lifestyle that being a Diamond brings, and their greatest reward has been joining the 'inner circle' with Bill and Peggy Britt. Vishal and Sonika have become a valuable addition to the Britt Diamond team, and their goal is Crown Ambassador.