In-Geon Kwon & Yeong-Mi Yun

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In-Geon Kwon & Yeong-Mi Yun
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador
Markets: Korea

world wide dream builders korea

LOS Upline: Yun Jung Gang & No Gyeong Sook

aka 권인건 & 윤영미

Chronology of achievements

Joined: December 1994
Platinum: November 1995
Pearl: June 1996
Emerald: May 1997
Diamond: August 1998
Founders Diamond: August 1999
Executive Diamond: August 2000
Founders Executive Diamond: August 2000
Double Diamond: August 2000
Founders Double Diamond: August 2000
Triple Diamond: August 2001
Founders Triple Diamond: August 2001
Crown: August 2002
Founders Crown: August 2002
Crown Ambassador: August 2003
Founders Crown Ambassador: August 2008