Huffstetler, John & Amy

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John & Amy Huffstetler
John & Amy Huffstetler.gif
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Snipes, Danny & Renate

John Huffstetler is no stranger to big dreams and hard-won success, which explains how he turned a chance encounter into the opportunity of a lifetime.

It happened in 1989, his last year in law school, while clerking for a law firm in Raleigh, NC. John bumped into a stranger at the courthouse, who looked like he needed assistance. They struck up a conversation, and before long the gentleman invited him to look at a business plan. "I'd never even heard of this business before that, and that's the only time anyone had ever offered to show me the business plan," John says.

That was all it took. "The lifestyle that can be achieved through this business, a lifestyle that includes having both time and money, really interested me," recalls John. "The practice of law did not offer both."

John, who enjoys reading, movies, and all sports, has never been one to let an opportunity slip away. Prior to law school, he attended the Air Force Academy for one year and played college basketball, with dreams of playing professionally. "Things just didn't work out," he explains, "so I turned my focus to education and law school. I wanted to be a lawyer, but it just so happened that this business came out of the blue. So I decided not to let all my formal education prevent me from creating something better."

Although he worked as a corporate lawyer for North Carolina's second largest bank for a year after starting his business, "The business took off, so I started devoting more energy and time to it," says John. "I've never been a quitter. I ruptured two discs in college, but came back and played basketball that same year. My business didn't take off right away, but I hung in there. Just like I always listened to my coaches in the past, I started listening to my upline. That's when my business started to take off."

Today, John runs his business out of his large, transitional-style home on a beautiful wooded lot in central North Carolina. "It's real peaceful and not very congested," he says, with a charming and friendly southern drawl. The business has also afforded John that most precious commodity - time. "Although I have been blessed financially, my time is more important than the money, because it's the only thing we can't get back."

After building his business as a single man, John now shares his time and his dreams with his wife, Amy, who builds the business with him. They look forward to eventually having children, and of passing on the dream of free enterprise to people all over the world. "One of the things that motivates me the most is helping other people succeed," says John.