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Prakash & Smita Hegde
Pin: Diamond (2010)
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Krishnan, Santhana & Ramesh, Ramaa
Website: http://www.bww.com

When Prakash and Smita Hegde came to the U.S. from India, they assumed they would each pursue their own careers; he was a software consultant and she was in homeopathic medicine. “We chose those professions because someone told us they were good,” says Prakash. “But then, something better came along.”

From the first time they heard of it, they thought the AMWAY™ business was a great opportunity. “To me, it was something I could do to help people, stay out of a cubicle, and make some money,” says Prakash. “I loved the fact that the couples worked together as a team,” adds Smita. “It seemed like a good environment to be in, and we really liked the products, too.” They remember that getting their first check was very motivating. “We made a copy of it,” recalls Prakash. “It wasn’t that large, but it came from our own efforts, not someone else’s and that really fired us up.” The hardest part for them was overcoming the rejection factor. “We finally realized that not everyone is as ambitious as we are,” observes Prakash. “We just focused on our goals and didn’t worry about those who said no.”

In fact, the “noes” toughened them up mentally. They became solid leaders, confident entrepreneurs, and set a great example for their children, Ronak, 12, and Sanya, 6. “They also learned to dream big,” says Smita. “When they see Mom and Dad not just pursuing goals, but accomplishing them, they learn we’re not just in the race, but finishing it. They’ve seen us fail and get up and do it all over again,” says Prakash. Looking back at their experience and reflecting, they say they would have believed in themselves a little more and plugged into their mentors sooner. “We wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to convince people to join us, but moved on more quickly to find those who did.”

They also learned that to get results, you have to focus on developing those who do choose to follow you. “We try to bring out the best in those around us, and to serve them before we expect results for ourselves,” says Smita. “By helping them achieve their dreams and goals, we all succeed together.” The couple says they also appreciate the support the company provides. “We use The Learning Center and we love all the new AMWAY products,” says Prakash. “It shows that they (Amway) are as committed to our success as we are.”

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