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Heckel was founded and led by Kaoru Nakajima from Japan, the first individual to achieve the previously unheard-of Double Crown Ambassador level. Heckel Diamonds and above form the majority of the IBO force in this highly advanced Asian country and even competitors from a certain Taiwanese group in a skincare MLM company frequently allude to Kaoru Nakajima as a model example of success.

Kaoru joined the business when Amway Japan was in its 3rd year (1982) and achieved Crown Ambassador in 5 years (1987). Then, at a seminar for Executive Diamonds, he lost his luggage with his Crown Ambassador pin. When Rich DeVos heard about that, he gave him a new pin. When his luggage were found and he went to Rich DeVos to return the pin, Rich said: "Well, just keep the pin, and be a Crown Ambassador once more!" Then, Nakajima decided to become Double Crown Ambassador, thus proving that you can be registered into the business a decade late and still rise to the top of the pinnacle.

Kaoru Nakajima built a DreamHouse in a prestigious part of Tokyo, a magnificent private residence that was the feature in an Amway Japan video. DreamHouse has been gazetted by the Japanese government as a national monument and cannot be demolished without permission.

Kaoru was internationally sponsored downline of American Diamond Robert Stonelake, who sold his business in the early 80s to a partnership including Jim & Nancy Dornan